Origional Recipities
Not only our own creatations, but seasonal, regional and classical dishes are also our favorits.

Freshly prepaired meals

4-2 GO Take home

Freshly Made Soups
SOUP with a BIG S is just another of ourspecialities, all freshly made

WITH NO additives, perfect as a take away (4-2GO)

Vegeratien Delights
We pride ourselfs in our non meat veriouitey, if you have a favorate let us know.

Le Petit Gourmet  Lpg Breads


Seasonal Salads & L.P.G Dressings
A delishious salat prepaired freshly and served with our accombaniemts perfumed with the Dressing of LPG. Heavenaly.

Product Discription 

Specialists Breads
Olive, Sundried Tomato, Nut, Onion, Focaccia, Ciabatta, Rosetta Bread, just some of the Breads we have.

Verious Sandwiches
We have freshly made Sandwiches to please all types of taste, if you are on a special diet then let us know, we will accomadate you.

Our Food Delights

Fresh Fruit.
When possible we like to have regional and local Fruits, and preafair to stay in season when possible.

All Freshly Made Sauces
We creare all our own sauces,  carfully combiening the deligate ingreadience to create the perfect Guarory Perception.

Fresh Fruit Drinks
In and trendy, freshly made SMOOTHYS...YUMM

Savories and snacks.
We only work with Food producing companys who have a social and moral consoncience with regards to our plannet and the envoirement,

House Made Desserts
Sweet tooth then you are at the wright Addresss.

Freshly Made Pasts & Spaghetti
All our Pasta is freshly made, with our own tantalising ingreadience, perfect for that Take Away, if you do not want to cook at home,
(Just so easy and ready 4-2 GO)


Staff well- being

results in

Company well-being